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Skirt Steak With a Special Marinade

Smokehouse Glenn featured skirt steak today for his featured beef item and this particular cut was prepared two different ways.

Northern Meats Country Villege

The first selection of skirt steak was seasoned with an ordinary blend of steak seasoning, predominately made of salt, onion powder and garlic. The second selection Glenn used a Habanero Lime packaged marinade to up the flavor ante which was very tasty. Habanero peppers are 5th on the Scoville Heat Units chart, no possessing a particularly distinct taste of its own but very fiery amount of heat this pepper possesses.

Skirt steak cooked with regular seasoningSmokehouse Glenn's perfect fajata steak

Glenn cooked his beef portions on his George Foreman Grill this morning, preferring to cook indoors and try a different cooking application then his outdoor B-B-Q grill. The skirt steak is a thinner, more marbleized selection from the cow so it cooks up fast when preparing it to a medium rare to medium consistency. Because the skirt steak is so slender and thin muscle mass, it slices up perfectly for the ideal fajita or oriental stir fry dish, I would even try using this steak for making my own version of a steak and cheese sandwich.


Of course, when it some to beef, Northern Meats carries an extensive selection of cuts for practically any type of dish his customers are looking for and if he doesn’t carry it, Smokehouse Glenn knows how to get it. His selection also includes select cuts of Chairman’s Reserve certified premium beef in filets, rib-eye and NY strips.


Pork selections come in bone in or boneless pork chops, porketta roast, bacon and hams. Chicken cuts come in boneless breasts, marinaded chicken breasts in lemon-pepper, butter-garlic, B-B-Q, Italian and habanero lime flavors.


Glenn can also provide sausage making services for any pre-cut venison brought to his store and can connect hunters with an outside source that will process and package venison for anyone needing that particular service.