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Potato Sausage WITH…Jalapeno Peppers!!!!

Smokehouse Glenn, if you don’t know by now, is a man that is always experimenting with items available from his business, Northern Meats, located in the Country Village in Ishpeming, Michigan. You may recall in Episode 20, Glenn brought in some of his home-made potato sausage, which was incredibility delicious.

Smokehouse Glenn added some zing to this recipe!!!

Today, Smokehouse Glenn brought in potato sausage…but with a twist!!! This particular recipe of his included jalapeno peppers. Also included in this recipe is potatoes, onions, beef / pork along with Glenn’s own spice mixture. Glenn did get a request to put together this particular recipe from a customer but he didn’t go too overboard with the jalapeno peppers but they do add some zing to the sausage’s flavor!!

Customer Request Recipe!!!Smokehouse Glenn's in house recipe

The beef and pork product is course grounded, additional recipe ingredients are added then stuffed into casings. Glenn’s potato sausage is easy to cook. Place the sausage ring in a non-stick pan with a small amount of water in the bottom. Let the sausage par boil in the water, when the water cooks out, brown the sausage lightly on each side.


With on onset of fall, football and hunting seasons approaching, Smokehouse Glenn is looking to put together what he is calling “Snacker Trays”; which will offer a variety of sausages, meat sticks, cheese curds together for purchase. Glenn is also considering a “Wild Game Snacker Tray” featuring buffalo, elk and venison meats together with cheese curds, which will also taste delicious!!


Smokehouse Glenn’s taste partnership with his store neighbor, Spicy Jo’s is offering soups to their inventory of items. They both collaborated on a broccoli, cheese and bacon soup that was outstanding! Spicy Jo’s also carries an extensive assortments of spices for beef, pork and chicken; marinades, oils for cooking and creating your own marinades and her new collections of soup mixes.

Call Northern Meats for product suggestions, orders or just chat with the friendliest “custom cut butcher” in town!!!!

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