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Dearborn Old Style Wieners & Spicy Snack Sticks

Smokehouse Glenn brought in a product from his long time business from the past; Dearborn Sausage. This tasty item is Dearborn’s Old Style Wiener; which is a combination between a knackwurst and a hot dog but distinct unto itself in taste and texture. This wiener has a good smoked flavor with the beef and pork having a courser grind to its consistency, and something else that is prominent to this product, which I feel adds to its overall great body of taste. This wiener is made with a natural casing, wa-a-a-a-y better that synthetic casing – natural casing delivers a distinct “Snap” when you bite into this wiener and that enhances the entire eating experience!!!Smokehouse Glenn's top notch product line


Starting with a beef and pork blend, this variety of “dog” or wiener is plumper that a traditional hot dog, combined with a delicious smoked flavor, this wiener leans more towards a sausage flavor than a traditional hot dog flavor. Glenn has noticed over the years with hot dog production, most companies have drastically changed their product recipe to a more bland, undistinguished taste that your flavor is being derived from your condiments; but not with Dearborn products!! As one true food connoisseur stated, “live is too short to eat a cheap tasting hot dog!!!”

Smokehouse Glenn's First Choice in Great Taste

Smokehouse Glenn’s other product “from the test kitchen” is a modified recipe of his mild snack stick. Glenn decided to add a little more zing to this recipe and came up with something that is very delicious!!! A little more cayenne and black pepper moved it up a notch on the flavor scale. This is truly a lively taste sensation of flavor that Glenn has developed and is available for you to purchase from Northern Meats. Located in the Country Plaza, Ishpeming, Michigan; stop in and tell Smokehouse Glenn that you heard about these products from his website and you would like to try a sample – you won’t be disappointed!!!

Smokehouse Glenn's Test Kitchen Improvement

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