Smokehouse Glenn Moves to New Ishpeming Location

Ishpeming03/30/12– Smokehouse Glenn has made his decision to move his fine quality product meats from the Harvey location to the Country Village location in Ishpeming in the business decision to make his product more easily available to an increased number of shoppers in Marquette County.

Ishpeming New Re-location
Country Village Location

Glenn shared with me that as soon as he had merchandise situated in his store, there were customers coming in to inquire about the new business in the plaza.

Showcase product
Custom Cut Butcher's product

“Car wash customers exit the wash facilities and see my store front sign and drive up to stop and check out my store. Hey, you have some great product here, I think I’ll take some of those steaks!!”

Custom cut Butcher show case
Grade A Product in Ishpeming

My wife works at Bell Hospital, in close proximity to Smokehouse Glenn’s store. She purchased some steak that I grilled for my homemade fajitas. Mmmmm – I couldn’t have started out with a better grade of steak for my dish. We are glad that Glenn is located in Ishpeming; more purchases are on our future shopping list.

Fresh delicious Grade A Product
Give me one of each!!!