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Old Style Wieners!!!

Dearborn Sausage is quickly developing a name for themselves, thanks to Smokehouse Glenn creating a link from downstate to the U.P. Today’s featured product is Old Style Wieners.


Old Style Taste!
Old Style Wieners

Wieners or hot dogs, whichever name you call them, Dearborn retains the original concept of creating a hot dog by following some simple, old style methods of dog making. These wieners are produced with a course grind to their meat recipe, adding a traditional smoke flavor, using a natural casing that give you that snappy texture when you bite into them. Glenn had a hand in developing this product which has held up well in sales throughout the years. Reflecting on several occasions when I went to major league ball games, I always liked the hot dogs sold at the ball field. I am willing to bet to was due to the smoke flavoring that set these apart from commercial grade dogs in the grocery store.Dearborn's Old Style Flavor!


Grilled with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut on a fresh, home-made bun is a great combination for any sporting event.


Sample Saturday on Feb. 23rd was successful. There was plenty of bacon sold at Northern Meats. Spicy Jo sold creamy potato soup with bacon, which was a hit with customers also. Spicy Jo is now carrying bulk spice blends that she is selling, also fresh ground coffee and Keewanaw Bay jam.

I like Dearborn's old style flavor

Stop out this week and see Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats in the Country Village, Ishpeming – a friendly atmosphere of the old style custom-cut butcher shop!





Old Style Wieners

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Beef Jerky From Either End of the Taste Spectrum!!!

It’s beef jerky day today with Northern Meats and today Smokehouse Glenn brought in two different taste flavorings from opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. Hot Cowboy Jerky and Honey Pecan Jerky appear from opposite ends of the flavor scale today, each with their distinct flavorings.

Thin Sliced Jerky at its BEST

Glenn’s jerkys brought in today are thin sliced beef jerky Similar to what Glenn brought in several weeks ago with his Jalapeno Beef and Kippered Beef Jerky. Starting off with thinly sliced beef and adding his combination of chili flavoring spices to coat the beef. Glenn’s labeling says chili powder but I could tell that there was more to the jerky spicing than just chili powder; of course, Glenn’s not one to just give up the test kitchen combination, he just smiles and says there are a few other things thrown in there. This Cowboy Jerky didn’t turn my mouth into a flame thrower but there was definitely heat to this jerky, the kind that kick in those heat endorphins that generate that taste drive to eat more!


At the lighter side of the taste spectrum, Glenn brought in a Honey Pecan Jerky; thinly sliced beef with a mixture of honey and a pecan powder with coated the beef generously before beginning its drying process. Sweet tasting flavor with that chewy jerky texture, Glenn once again has a delicious treat that taste outstanding. It a amazing what the custom cut butcher can do to transform beef with the extensive varieties of spices he has and the various flavor combinations he can come up with.

Visit Glen at his meat market, Northern Meats, located in the Country Village in Ishpeming, Michigan. He has an extensive variety of beef pork and poultry items on hand; if he doesn’t carry it, he knows where to get it and is always accommodating to his customers. Stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn!!!

Featured Products

Hunters Sausage and Veggies From Smokehouse Glenn

Smokehouse Glenn brought in some of his home made snack sticks he calls, Hunter’s Sausage. This is a pork product that is cold smoked by Glenn for over 20 hours in his smoker. These go along with many of the other smoked snack meat sticks that are available from Northern Meats.

Smokehouse Glenn_Country Village_Ishpeming

Smokehouse Glenn

Also brought in by Glenn is a new product that he found by a Michigan company from Chesterfield called Safie’s. Today’s particular product is pickled green beans. Other varieties of vegetables offered by Safie’s that are available from Smokehouse Glenn are Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Beets, Deli-Style Dill Pickles, Hot & Zesty Garden Mix and Bread & Butter Pickles. Visit Safie’s Product website and request something for Glenn to get for you.


The combined business venture of Northern Meats and Spicy Jo’s are doing well in the Country Village in Ishpeming, Michigan offering their customers advice on seasonings to accompany their meat purchases and giving cooking tips on the best ways to season and prepare any and all purchases made at their store.

Smokehouse Glenn  of Norhtern MeatsNorthern Meats Country Village Ishpeming Michigan

Smokehouse Glenn also offers butchering/processing services for all meats that customers would need assistance with at any time.


Smokehouse Glenn & Spicy Jo’s – they do it all from processing to prepping your dish to your table with exquisite flavor!!! Call Glenn at 906-485-4220 with any of your product inquires.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 30 – Montreal Steak & Stuffed Peppers

Episode 30 – Montreal Steak

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Featured Products

Montreal Steak And Stuffed Peppers from Smokehouse Glenn

One can never know what succulent meat specialty Smokehouse Glenn will bring into the radio station for our Shopping Show on Wednesday, so it’s a wait and see what is up Glenn’s sleeve!

Smokehouse Glenn arrived with an extremely lean cut of beef known as the Montreal steak. Lean steak has less fat but flavorful; marbled steak with varying degrees of fat becomes tender but less flavorful.Northern Meats & Spicy Jo's

This particular Montreal cut sirloin steak is seasoned with a spice rub. This is an economical type cut from the sirloin section of the cow. This sirloin cut can be used for braising or stir frying in soups, stews, sliced thin and grilled for sandwiches.

Spicy Jo's & Northern Meats

Glenn also brought in a 50–50 ground beef and ground pork mixture seasoned by Spicy Jo and stuffed into a banana pepper and baked in the oven. The ground meat mixture is seasoned with an mixture of sweet & sassy garlic spice, some onion dip, a seasoning combination named Caribbean Tropical Topical from Spicy Jo’s store.

Northern Meats & Spicy Jo's

Smokehouse Glenn and Spicy Jo both have helpful suggestions for all customers looking to try new tastes in beef or pork.

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Kabobs A Grilling Creation From Smokehouse Glenn

Smokehouse Glenn has a pre-made assortment of  Kabobs featuring your choice of chicken, beef or lamb that can easily be a fast and delicious meal. Any of these choices can be purchased as pre-constructed kabobs skewered with several types of sweet pepper and purple onion.

Meal time preparation is easy when you purchase a marinade from Spicy Jo’s for your particular meat choice, marinaded for several hours then placed on the grill. Turn these kabobs frequently over medium grill heat and brush with your marinade until meat is cooked medium rare to medium.

Served on a bed of white rice, you couldn’t ask for a more easier and delicious meal – – – Mmmmmm!!! Summertime grilling couldn’t sound or sizzle any better with these tasty items from Smokehouse Glenn’s!!!!!

Beef of Lamb Kabobs



Featured Products

Elk and Buffalo Summer Sausage

Smokehouse Glenn carries a line of several different types of summer sausages from Little Town Jerky Company which have an outstanding and distinct flavor for each of the different types of sausage. Quality products not produced by Northern Meats

If Smokehouse Glenn is not producing his own meat products personally in his store, his offers only the BEST products from other meat producing companies where quality and taste are #1! Our very own radio station personality, Walt Lindala, said that Northern Meat’s steaks are “works of art”!!

Smokehouse Glenn is a real personable-type butcher; he converses with his customers to find out what type of meat they are interested in, how they like their meat cooked, what types of flavors they like and what portion size they are interested in buying. Sold by Norhtern Meats

If you haven’t stopped in and talked with Smokehouse Glenn and visted his new store location in the Country Village Plaza, you should treat yourself to an adventure on tasty meat!!!!

Buffalo Summer Sausage