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Bratwurst – A New Favorite From Smoke House Glenn

Marquette – August 2011 –  The  reason Glenn Andrews has earned the distinction of  Smoke House Glenn comes from the very moist, extremely tasty meats he creates in Marquette Michigan.

Delicious Breatwurst for you party does it again with delicious Bratwurst for your family!

Glenn’s 30 years of carefully preparing and smoking meats pays off with  moist,  juicy, and flavorful smoked pork, chicken, and turkey.  Glenn ships to customers around America.  Glenn offer some 80 meat items including  delicious bacon, sausage, steaks, and smoked jerky.

Every Wednesday when Smoke House Glenn comes in to our weekly Radio Shopping Show streamed on,  Glenn attracts the entire staff to see what new items he’s brought  our way.  The delightful smell instantly gets our attention.  Yumm is all we can say.

Today we feature Bratwurst. You will want to get some for your family.

Click below to hear Glenn reflect on Bratwurst.

Episode 1 – Bratwurst Audio