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Dearborn Sausage Ham Slices

With over thirty years working for and with Dearborn Sausage, Smokehouse Glenn really knows what quality products they offer. Dearborn Sausage makes the best hams in the area because they are not a water-added ham!

Chosen from select hogs, Dearborn’s processing doesn’t add water, their curing process gives their hams a distinct smoked flavor that will leave you craving more Dearborn ham, please!!!

Dearborn Ham sliced
Dearborn Ham sliced

These hams are fully cooked so all you need to do to serve this delicious item is to warm it of to eating temperature – simple, easy and delicious! This fully cooked item is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. I love this ham cubed up and placed in my favorite cheesy omelet. Sliced along side several tasty slices of Swiss cheese with spicy brown mustard on rye bread would be my great tasting lunch-time sandwich! A nice thick slice to go along with some roasted potatoes and a veggie make a great dinner!

Christmas is the time for celebrating and most family traditions have ham for dinner. Make your Christmas dinner deliciously memorable with a Dearborn ham – contact Smokehouse Glenn to order your ham before they are all gone!

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