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Northern Meat’s Potato Sausage Is NOT What You Think!

Smokehouse Glenn knocked it out of the park previously by making his own recipe of potato sausage BUT…today’s recipe is different! Glenn didn’t have at his disposal the assortment of olive oils and vinegars to work with like he does now. Today, Glenn added lemon flavored olive oil and red apple balsamic vinegar to his recipe and the outcome tasted delicious.

Tasty sausage with beef & pork!
Tasty sausage with beef & pork!


For those of you who would think potato sausage is just mushed potato in a casing, ah, NO – it’s more than that! Glenn’s recipe contains potato, beef, pork, onion and his own seasonings. Whisking a mixture of the oil and vinegar, poured it over the sausage and let it set in the frig overnight. Next day, placed the sausage in a baking pan, added a ¼ cup of water to the pan and placed it in the oven at 350 to cook for an hour. Delicious!

New twist cooked with Glenn's new Oil & vinegar!
New twist cooked with Glenn’s new Oil & vinegar!



For the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Glenn has Butterball turkeys ready to fill your dinner plans with their quality taste. Also if you love ham, Glenn has the Dearborn hams that he spiral slices ready for your dinner gathering. Northern Meats also always has prime rib on hand all the time as another meal planning suggestion.



Northern Meats carries pork, beef and a selection of seafood for whatever type of meal you might desire to enjoy. Northern Meats is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming across from Cinema V Theaters and Ace Hardware. Store hours are M – Sat 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4 or call 485-4220!

Glenn's recipe with his added condiments!
Glenn’s recipe with his added condiments!




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