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Delicious Hams For Easter From Northern Meats

Easter is a holiday for family celebrating together around a delicious dinner which traditionally features ham! There is only one place to get the BEST tasting ham – that’s from Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats.


With over 30 years working for Dearborn Sausage, Dearborn produces the best hams which Glenn can personally prepare for you by either spiral slicing and glazing or the classic trim ham.

spiral sliced_2

Northern Meats is the local butcher shop that can custom spiral slice your ham. Spiral slicing will thinly slice the entire loin length of the ham down to the bone. The ham is then glazed with a honey and sugar combination that adds to the smoky good taste of this wonderful product.classic trim_2


Classic Trim ham has the skin and fat removed, it is fully cooked just like the spiral sliced ham and is ready to be warmed for the meal it is planned to be used for. Glenn is very helpful with his customers to offer cooking advice and also provides cooking instructions to maximize your meal enjoyment.


If you wish to view the slicing and glazing procedures, visit this article.

Featured Products

Sample Saturday Was Hamming It Up at Northern Meats

Northern Meat’s third Sample Saturday featured Hams from Dearborn Sausage and Smokehouse Glenn was demonstrating how he can spiral slice and glaze a delicious ham from Easter holiday dinner. Northern Meats is the only custom cut butcher shop in the area that can spiral slice and glaze a Dearborn ham for you.

SMokehouse Glenn offers delicious Dearborn hams!
Deliciously glazed hams for Easter dinner ready for you!
The Custom Cut Butcher at Work!
Smokehouse Glenn handing out Dearborn ham samples.

I had a Dearborn ham for last Christmas and these hams taste delicious! Dearborn Hams are  not  water-added hams meaning that you are paying for a true weight in meat and not extra water. Water adding can also increase the salt content of the ham, which is never desirable.

Glenn was selling several hams this weekend and I had the chance to watch both his slicing and glazing procedures.

Here is Glenn using his spiral slicer on a Dearborn ham:

Now comes the glazing process to finalize that great Dearborn flavor: