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Pepperoni Snack Sticks – Homemade

Smokehouse Glenn is the most meat making-est butcher I have ever met. Glenn has brought in his own pepperoni that he makes in his store, Northern Meats but today he shrunk things down a bit. Always thinking of how to incorporate his delicious meat products into convenient, take-along goodies, Glenn has converted another one of his products.

Smokehouse Glenn Country VillageNorhtern Meats

Pepperoni Snack Sticks are another pocket-sized carry along product originating from Glenn’s “test kitchen.” Customers will not find pepperoni available in this sized stick but leave it to Smokehouse Glenn to process this delicious meat stick that is better tasting and without any extra, processing preservatives that you will find in over-the counter convenience stores. If I was going to make mini pizzas, these sticks sliced up would be just the right size. Moist, flavorful and convenient for snacking, you need to visit Northern Meats and ask Glenn for several packages of Pepperoni sticks because once you start eating these it will be difficult to close the package before they are all gone!


Everyday, Smokehouse Glenn is working closely with his business neighbor, Spicy Jo, to compliment each others business ventures. Customers walk into Northern Meats and make beef, pork, chicken or fish purchases, then they will have seasoning questions on how to best season their purchases. Glenn will direct them to Spicy Jo, who’s own adjacent store has a multitude of spices, marinades, flavored olive oils for everything you might think of preparing for any meal.


Northern Meats will be hosting their second, “Sampler Saturday” during the month of February. Their sample theme will be “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.”

Episode 54 – Pepperoni Sticks

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Jalapeno Pepper Jack Summer Sausage

Smokehouse Glenn arrived with a new test kitchen recipe for us today; pepper jack & jalapeno summer sausage with horseradish cheddar cheese curds on the side. WOW!!!Smokehouse Glenn

You will see from our archives, Glenn has brought in summer sausage before but this is not your ordinary summer sausage!! Glenn has previously developed a sausage recipe with cheddar cheese mixed in but pepper jack is a whole different type of cheese!!! Glenn’s recipes cater to the general public with an inclination towards future sales of these items, so he will be gentle with the added ingredients; and that includes his use of both the jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. Sometimes jalapenos themselves will distance eaters from anything containing them but Glenn’s recipe is well balanced. You can taste a slight zip along in the sausage flavor but it is far from extreme. The same with the pepper jack cheese. I know that this type of cheese, white in color, can be loaded with specks of red and green bits; indicating the amount of hot pepper mixed in the batch. His sausage is a delicious balance of lean beef and pork – oh, so good!!!

Smokehouse Glenn's Jalapeno Pepper Jack flavor

Again, Glenn is very taste bud conscious of the consumer with his recipes. This recipe’s flavoring is slight yet intriguing to stimulate your palate just enough to want to go back for more!!!!!

Horseradish Chedder Cheese Curds

Glenn’s side dish product is something from New York, Yancy’s Fancy Horseradish Cheddar Cheese Curds. OK, a cheese lover like myself found this product to be outstanding but let me warn you – if you don’t like the flavor of horseradish, this cheese is not for you!!! If you do like horseradish, you will find yourself popping curds in your mouth continuously until the bag is empty!!!

Stop in and visit Smokehouse Glenn in the Country Plaza of Ishpeming and tell him Dennis sent you in to get some of these tasty items featured today; jalapeno & pepper jack summer sausage AND horseradish cheddar cheese curds!

Remember, if there is any sausage recipe idea that you would like Northern Meats to develop in the test kitchen, mention it the next time you come in and purchase something from Smokehouse Glenn. I know you’re gonna love the final product!!!

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Tasty Pepperoni That’s Actually Sausage

Marquette – 09/21/2011–  The “Custom Cut Butcher” dropped by today for our Shopping Show edition and brought in several samples of his deliciously homemade pepperoni.  However today we found out the true definition of pepperoni from the master himself.  At first glance I could notice what Glenn had produced was not the typical diameter of most pepperoni that most consumers are accustomed to finding in the store.  So here’s where our lesson begins: Pepperoni 101…  Glenn continues by telling us the Italian process for pepperoni making.  It’s authentic secret lies in the aging process, the pepperoni, after the meat has been seasoned and cased needs to naturally age in a room that has a specific temperature and humidity climate.

Northern Meats Custom Cut Butcher Smokehouse Glenn
Northern Meats Homemade Pepperoni

The aging process requires one to two months curing time, so this one particular meat product needs it’s own undisturbed place to process.  So here’s the fork in the road for the pepperoni making of smokehouse Glenn.  Since space at Northern Meats is limited, Glenn has chosen to process his pepperoni in a shorter time span.  This actually makes his “pepperoni” a true meat stick or sausage variety.  So does Glenn’s adaptive process take away from the quality of this product… by no means!

Glenn’s pepperoni, actually sausage is lean, moist and well balanced in flavor with his own spicing combination that is his trade secret but oh, so-o-o-o-o good!!! I learned from Glenn that since he can’t afford the space needed for the true aging process, he keeps his recipe diameter to the size of sausage so that the product will dry adequately in his prescribed process.

Glenn’s venison snack stick hot version was mildly spiced with cayenne pepper just enough to add a “zing” that is very tasty and delicious!!! Northern Meats’ sampling for today is definitely delicious and is an outstanding product that can satisfy any hunger urge for the need for delicious meat snack; convenient for all portable applications if you are planning a trip away from home, family interaction time where food is needed or just plain snack food during that movie, sports game or favorite show!!!! Northern Meats is the place for all your delicious meat entrees and snacks!!!!

Episode 6 – Pepperoni and Snack Sticks Audio

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