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Smokehouse Glenn Creates Smokin’ Hot Dogs

With 30 plus years working for Dearborn Sausage, Smokehouse Glenn knows a great tasting hot dog hands down. So, to make a hot dog something extra tasty, Glenn was looking around in his store to find an unusual condiment to match up with these grilled dogs.

Spicy Dearborn Franks!
Spicy Dearborn Franks!

Glenn has so many meat condiments to choose from, today he selected from his numerous products from Safies Specialty Foods; Hot & Spicy Deli Pickles and Sexy Hot Pickled Asparagus! WOW! Be careful swallowing the juice from these two hotties, the spice might catch you off guard. This is definitely a different way to dress up a great hot dog.

Smokehouse Glenn has so many choices of condiments, spices, sea salts, marinades and rubs to choose from, no one can honestly say their meals are boring – unless you didn’t stop in and talk to Glenn! He also had the largest selection of flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars in the area; the flavor combinations are vast and delicious!

Glenn's Spicy Condiments!
Glenn’s Spicy Condiments!

Whether you planning to grill, bake, roast or stew, stop in and see Smokehouse Glenn to find out what he has for your next meal plan. Pork, beef, chicken or seafood – your next meal will be spot on when you shop at Smokehouse Glenn’s. Located 1040 Country Lane in the Country Village, Ishpeming; Smokehouse Glenn is opened M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!