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Seasoned Beef With Flavor Infused Oils – Mmmm!

 Smokehouse Glenn truly has a great store of premium grade beef, chicken, pork and seafood for area customers to choose from. Now that he had added his selection of 38 flavored infused extra virgin olive oils and flavored balsamic vinegars, your favorite recipes will taste even better when you add his products into the mix.Seasoned Beef w_oils

This morning, Glenn brought in a premium cut of sirloin steak that was marinaded in a blended combination of three oils – Cilantro & Roasted Onion, Jalapeno and Oregano flavored olive oils. Glenn initially said that he thought he want a little overboard with the flavoring but I didn’t think so. The beef captured all of the three oils’ flavors; most prominent were the cilantro, mild heat from the jalapeno and oregano. I make it a point to taste the oils individually before sampling Glenn’s final item and everyone of his olive oils are saturated with the distinct flavor each oil is infused with. Glenn is carrying a top grade of olive oil that will enhance every recipe they are use in. My favorite is the Harissa flavored oil!


3 Oils for beefSmokehouse Glenn also has an assortment of flavored sea salts from Salt Sisters and The Salt Works that are also out of this world flavorful, enhancing every dish they are used in.


Stop in to see all of Glenn product line this evening at the Negaunee-Ishpeming Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Open House from 5 to 7 p.m.. There will plenty to sample from Glenn’s products – you won’t be disappointed!


Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village, 1040 Country Lane; Store hours are M – Sat 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4 or call 485-4220!


Featured Products

Northern Meat’s New Sea Salts Selections!

 Glenn’s own smoked polish kielbasa was kicked up a notch with some pan frying time in some of the Tuscan Herb infused olive oil to get things going. Next this sauteed kielbasa was mixed in with a batch of Armenian Rice Pilaf and Voila! There is a great lunch full of flavor and easy to create!

Glenn's Smoked Kielbasa in Rice Pilaf
Glenn’s Smoked Kielbasa in Rice Pilaf

A new product line of seasoning to Northern Meats is an assortment of sea salts from two suppliers Glenn is doing business with. The Salt Works from Woodinville Washington and S~A~L~T Sisters of Goshen, Indiana. In Glenn’s sea salt sampler basket, he had four varieties of flavored sea salts from the Salt Works that Glenn in packaging himself from bulk. These flavors I tasted myself and was impressed with the varied flavor combinations found in each of these blends: Habanero Heat Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Jalapeno Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt. Each of these salts had a distinct, lively flavor to them and I’ll bet these each would accent the taste of any dish they were used in.

The Salt Works has a very informative website about the salts they sell and the numerous uses for salt (other than simply for the table salt shaker). I found out reading the Salt Works page on salt in general, that salt can be purchased in varied types of salt: mainly – Flavored ( Fusion® flavored salts bind natural ingredients to sea salt crystals ), Flaked,( a light crystal reminiscent of snowflakes. Seawater is evaporated using the natural processes of sun and wind ) Finishing ( most admired for their unique textures—either moist crystals or delicate flakes)and Course ( large-grained salt crystals best used in a grinder, providing an easy way of serving up freshly ground sea salt ).

Sea salts from The Salt Works & The Salt Sisters
Sea salts from The Salt Works & The Salt Sisters

The S~A~L~T Sisters has a family business that provide a strong portfolio of unrefined sea salt, the company staked a claim in organic cane sugars (c.a.n.e), seasoning rubs (r.u.b.s), vanilla infusion kits (b.e.a.n), and natural herb blends (h.e.r.b) and most recently all natural dip blends (d.i.p.s).

Remember to stop in and visit Smokehouse Glenn for your holiday gift ideas – premium beef, pork, chicken and seafood along with flavor infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars! With all these quality meats and these new sea salts, you meals should never taste boring ever again!

Stop in and see your “custom cut butcher”, Smokehouse Glenn at Northern Meats located in the Country Village, Ishpeming. Open M – Sat 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4. Call 485-4220!

12-11-13 New Sea Salts _Kielbasa

Christmas is the time to order your Spiral sliced glazed ham from Northern Meats! Smokehouse Glenn is the ONLY butcher in the U.P. that does this process himself for you! Check this out!