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Another New Taste Discovery From Smokehouse Glenn

Through the daily meat processing steps of a custom cut butcher, one might think that the work routine would become boring and mundane – except at Northern Meats! Smokehouse Glenn always seems to stay connected with his taste buds and the pulse of his customers. Lately, Glenn discovered a “southwestern spice” which intrigued his taste buds so much that he decided to create a new item to add to his showcase.Santa Fe Sausauge samples

Santa Fe Sausage packaged
Santa Fe Sausage packaged

Today, Glenn brought in the Santa Fe sausage – bit don’t be fooled by it’s appearance. I thought it was another fantastic tasting brat but it’s not – it’s a plump sausage, full of Glenn’s new flavoring with his newly discovered “southwestern spice”. I not only was treated to tasting this delicious new product but Glenn dressed it up by putting his Santa Fe sausage in a fresh wheat hot dog bun; poured a layer of mild salsa on top and melted some Mexican blended shredded cheese to finish things off!

 Smokehouse Glenn is a friendly “custom cut” butcher that has samples for tasting in his store and is always ready with helpful suggestions for your meal planning. Stop in and see how Northern Meats can make your next meal an outstanding pleasure for your palette. Northern Meats is located in the Country Village, Ishpeming; open M-F 10 to 6; Sundays 10 to 4.


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