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Chicken Gets Stirred Up With Glenn’s New Marinades

Smokehouse Glenn always brings in great tasting, simple dishes to sample from ingredients available from his shop, Smokehouse Glenn’s. Today, Glenn made two chicken stir fry dishes using his two new oriental marinades; Sweet Honey Orange and Mandarin Teriyaki from Excalibur Seasonings & Marinades.

Excalibur Marinades at Smokehouse Glenn
Excalibur Marinades at Smokehouse Glenn

Glenn started by cutting up chicken breasts, placing them into a vacuum seal bags, each with one of his new marinade sauces. He let these sit over night and cooked them up in the morning. Mixed them up in a portion of cooked mixed vegetables and serve! I tasted each dish and also tasted each sauce separately and these sauces are great!! Sweet Honey Orange is robust with a rich citrus orange flavor and a hint of honey. Mandarin Teriyaki had a rich soy, garlic and sesame taste that was equally delicious. I like to make Lo Mein noodles and have perfected my own sauce recipe but these marinades would be a great base for a glaze that I usually make to mix in with the noodles. Glenn’s customers will certainly enjoy these two new items in his store.

Stir Fry w_Teriyaki
Marinade Teriyaki Chicken

Looking for something new for dinner tonight? Whether you like beef , chicken or pork, stop in and get an entree for dinner and pick up a sample of either of these new sauces – you will love tonight’s meal from start to finish.

Sweet Citrus Flavor!
Sweet Citrus Flavor!

If you’re looking for sauces, seasonings, olive oils, vinegars, premium cuts of chicken, beef, pork or seafood – stop in at see how Glenn can excite your taste buds for your next meal.

Smokehouse Glenn is located 1040 Country Lane in the Country Village, Ishpeming. Store hours are are M – F 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!