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Sausage & Snack Sticks That Taste Great!

Snacking is a good thing, especially if you are eating delicious tasting snacks to begin with. Venison processing is a big part of Smokehouse Glenn’s business. Glenn encourages hunters to bring in their venison in skinned & quartered or de-boned AND Glenn will even smoke a hind quarter for you – it will turn out amazingly delicious!

Delicious venison snack!
Delicious venison snack!

Today, Glenn brought in three varieties of venison snacks – Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Summer sausage (his top seller), Habanero Snack Sticks and Summer Sausage. If you’ve never tasted venison, you would never believe something like these snacks made from this wild game could taste so good. The Habanero sticks had a delayed heat reaction on your palate but not too overwhelming to not enjoy. Jalapeno & Pepper Jack Summer sausage is great – any meat product with a great tasting cheese blended in a superb.

habanero snack sticks
Habanero snack sticks

Grilling weather is returning this week so take advantage of purchasing something delicious from Smokehouse Glenn and let your grill do its thing by cooking something delicious!

Smokehouse Glenn is located in the Country Village,1040 Country Lane, Smokehouse Glenn is opened M – Sat. 10 to 6; Sundays 10 – 4. Call 485-4220!

Glenn's Summer Sausage
Glenn’s Summer Sausage