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From: Cowboy S. – pitstop2013…

Date/Time: April 24, 2013 6:46 pm

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Hey Glenn!! I love your beef jerkey! Any plans on some new flavors?

From: Ann Christiansen

I have heard you on the radio and was wondering when your next tasting will be? We live in Gladstone but would like to check you out. Thanks
From: Tom Hofer

Hi glen it was nice to talk to u on the phone keep in touch thanks
Tom. Do u sell spices to or no ?
From: Ishpeming Hematite Fan

The Skinny On the Big Taste of Spiral Cut Ham…
Hamette – Pork Shoulder Above the Rest!!! – Way to go Smokehouse Glenn – Northern Meats
From: Jim Hermann

Hi Glenn,

It’s a voice from the distant past. Janet was looking up old friends on the internet and found you up in the U.P. with your meat market. Good for you. I will give you a call in the near future (It’s easier than typing) to see how the family is doing. We vacation every fall in the U.P. grouse hunting and we will be sure to come by and see you this fall. Hope to move up there some day as well.

Jim Hermann
From: Ron and Donna Hilborn

Not being able to purchase our yearly ‘cow’ from a local farmer, we turned to Smokehouse Glenn for our beef this year. It was unbelievable!! We are so happy with Smokehouse Glenn’s products! From steaks, roasts and ground chuck, each selection we purchased was so tender and tasty!! Well done, Smokehouse Glenn!!!
Ron and Donna Hilborn
From: Denise Platteborze

We were in today for your open house and ABSOLUTELY loved everything.You have become our new favorite “mom and pop” shop. Can’t wait tocome back next week. Your stuff is awesome and we need to get the word out!
Denise Platteborze
From: Jaimie

While we were on our way out to camp we decided to stop at Glenn’s to pick up something to grill. We were impressed with the variety of high quality products the shop has to offer. It was great to have so many choices. We were happy with what we picked up and had a wonderful steak dinner. The kids loved the beef jerky for snacks! This will definitely be a family favorite. We can’t wait to try some of the brats and Amish chicken!
Jaimie –
From: Todd Stuart

I was out to Glenn’s shop in Ishpeming to get some beef jerky for the golf game. I stepped out a bit from my traditional teriyaki purchase, and tried one of the hotter versions. To my delight, my mouth heated up, and best of all my golf game became superior to my partners.

Now my friend golf Bill is usually closely matched to my game, with the exception he’s only beat me once in three years. After eating some of Glenn’s Hot jerky right before tee off, my long drive passed Bill’s drive by some 20 yards or so more than normal. My suggestion to all golfers everywhere, get some of Glenn’s jerky. It’s powerful.
Todd Stuart

From: Kim Isaacson

Great place!!! They are helpful, fun and have the best ground chuck and ground chicken in the world! Summer time you have to try their stand up pork chops for the grill!Steaks….yum. And now they have the best cudhigi around!!!! Probably misspelled that but you get the picture!

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